Wednesday, January 01, 2020


A new year. A year of transition.

This year I will:

(1) Defend my master's thesis

(2) Hopefully be accepted into the PhD program in Philosophy at the University of Colorado. (I have submitted my application)

(3) Lose my job of 20 years. They have already notified me of an intention of ending my employment at the end of the current project in April.

(4) Graduate with an MA in Philosophy from the University of Colorado.

(5) Begin a new podcast on morality.

(6) Turn 60 years old.

By this time next year, my life will have totally changed. Well, not totally. Almost totally. I will have more time devoted to making the world a better place, and a lot less income to do it with.

This means that this blog is ending the dry spell it has suffered while I held down two jobs and finished my MA thesis. NOTE: For the next 4 months I will still be holding down 2 jobs, and still taking graduate-level courses at the University of Colorado. But, I fully intend to begin transitioning to my new lifestyle now rather than wait until graduation in May. And that means regular posts.

I hope that this is a good year for all.

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