Thursday, September 08, 2011

Texas Governor Perry's Divine Punishment

It appears to me that God is trying to send Texas governor Rick Perry a message – not to be such an idiot when it comes to the science of climate change.

God has provided us with all sorts of evidence that climate change is real and it is caused by human beings. But Perry has decided to close his mind to all of the evidence. I suspect that slamming the door of one’s mind in God’s face must have made him angry – and he decided to punish Perry with a drought that covers all of Texas.

Certainly, the drought covers Oklahoma and New Mexico as well. However, when it comes to sending divine messages, God has never shown himself to be all too concerned about precision.

Though he is both all-knowing and all-powerful, when it comes to smiting, God seems to prefer methods akin to throwing a hand grenade into a crowded train to stop a thief. While we would normally consider such actions to display a casual disregard for innocent life, God must be considered immune to these sorts of accusations. Yet, God can hardly claim that he had no choice in the matter – that he could not have possibly found a more precise way to inflict harm on those who were actually guilty. We must consider that a more precise strike was possible but, for God, considered unnecessary or unimportant, but in a good way.

When God decided to punish America by refusing to lift an omnipotent finger to thwart the 9/11 attacks, he killed a lot of devoted Christians. And the Katrina hurricane, aimed at New Orleans for the sin of allowing a gay pride parade, did not seem to distinguish well between those who supported gay pride and those who opposed it. Instead, God’s aim seems to have been directed more at those who were poor and black.

I do not know the political leanings of those of those who were killed or injured by Hurricane Irene - or who had their property destroyed - but I doubt that they were all Obama supporters.

That whole thing about killing all of the first born sons (and the other plagues inflicted on Egypt) struck a lot of people who had nothing to do with keeping the Jews in Egypt.

These events demonstrate that divine smiting is not a precise science. Consequently, the fact that the Texas drought has also hit Oklahoma is not evidence against the conclusion that God is angry at Perry for his scientific ignorance and closed mindedness. It's just God doing what God normally does when God wants to punish somebody or send a message.


Baconsbud said...

I like your take on this. I figure Perry would counter with something like, this drought isn't aimed at me but because of the liberals and gays still in Texas. Now as to how accurate this God's punishment is I would say you have to look at how many things he has going on at one time. Since most christians seem to think it is a male and males aren't the best at multitasking you can better understand why it is off a little.

dbonfitto said...

I thought this was a divine response to the massive chunk he took out of the Texas Forest Service budget.

Alonzo Fyfe said...

Well, it could be divine punishment for cutting the forest service budget. Or for slashing the state contribution for volunteer fire fighters. However, this almost sounds like cause and effect. Cause and effect provides poor evidence that God is actually above. The relationship between the natural disaster and the suggested cause has to be . . . well, distant. Even with climate change, I fear that I have cut this requirement a bit too close.

mojo.rhythm said...

Dear lord....John Huntsman appeared to be the only GOP presidential candidate at the entire Reagan library debate that accepted the scientific consensus on climate change.

Citizen Atheist said...

Haha! Love it!