Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Understanding Science

Yesterday, I was treated to a headline in the Washington Post that said that National Science Test Scores Disappoint"

I am somewhat curious as to who is disappointed in these scores and why.

We all know that this group of people called "scientists" is a gang of people who have nothing positive to contribute to society. They do not do any good. Instead, they are all involved in a conspiracy to trick us into believing lies that will then inspire us to give them more money to produce "research" which, it will turn out, will simply be the next generation of lies.

And these lies do real harm.

Scientist are lying about global warming. This is a scam. A group of scientists have learned that a way to get funding is to "invent" some sort of crisis that needs to be studied, and then petition the government for billions of dollars in research grants in order to conduct the studying. Of course this research is going to support the crisis - saying otherwise will end the funding. If any scientists decide to disagree with these conclusions they are going to be run out of the industry because they are threatening the gravy train.

Given this, why would anybody want our children to understand science? Understanding science means understanding and accepting these bogus claims that are engineered to generate government funding. We should be glad that our children shun science.

Besides, we have a choice. We can have a moral and just society, or we can have a society filled with people who "understand" that humans evolved from more basic life forms over the course of more than three billion years of evolution. People who think that humans evolved are people who have no morality. They think we are nothing but animals, which means that we should act like animals.

Hitler and Stalin understood science.

Should we not be happy that our children are not following in the footsteps of Hitler and Stalin? Should we not be celebrating the fact that our children have decided not to understand science

It seems to me that these test scores are to be celebrated.

Fortunately, our country is filled with people who have taken it upon themselves to teach their children these facts about science and those who understand science - that understand science means being an evil conspirator involved in a scam that reports lies for the sake of getting funding - lies that are out to destroy the whole moral foundation of our society.

With the continuing efforts of these true Americans, we can hope - and we can well expect - that our children and their children will continue to give us "disappointing" scores in undertanding science.

The only people who are "disappointed" in our science test scores, it seems, are conspirators who are seeking to draw more and more innocent young minds into their scam.


mikespeir said...

Getting a little frustrated, are we, Alonzo? ;-)

anton kozlik said...

I can only hope that your tongue is firmly planted in your cheek!

Great post!!

tbaoo said...

Hitler and Stalin were also men ? you're cheek must be full - i certainly hope so .. cheers alan

tm7devils said...

I can't tell...are you using "reverse psychology" to draw responders out or are you playing the "devils advocate"? If neither is true, and you suffer a heart attack, I believe - if you are morally honest - that you should tell the health professionals that will treat you not to use any health care techniques or machinery that were brought about by the use of "science" in order to save lives.
After all, you wouldn't want to be a would you?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Jonothan Swift, calm down. People respect you for your logical view of morality, not your biting satire. Keep your cool. This post was mildly disappointing