Thursday, September 16, 2010

Morality in the Real World

Luke Muehlhauser, over at Common Sense Atheism and I are creating a series of podcasts to describe Desirism (a.k.a. Desire Utilitarianism) from the ground up.

You can find a link to a podcast index and access to the podcasts at Morality in the Real World

Morality in the Real World is a series of dialogues about what kinds of moral value do and do not exist in the natural world, how we can examine these issues carefully, and how we can (really) make the world a better place.

This is actually the project that I wanted to do for a long time - to describe desirism from the ground up in detail. And - truth be told - is a project that I would have never been able to do without the significant efforts of somebody like Luke providing a level of quality control and discipline I have seemed to be lacking.


Martin Freedman said...

I would have thought that the quality control and discipline you needed to produce over a thousand essays on a daily basis shows that you were lacking nothing in that regard.

Anyway I am very glad that Luke has re-motivated you and I have a high expectation of what you two will deliver, an expectation that, more than likely, will be easily met and more.

Anonymous said...

I listened to and subscribed to the podcast. Good job with the production.

I look forward to learning more in future episodes.

Thanks for your work Luke and Alonzo.

Jon Newman