Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comment Moderation

Because of the tireless efforts of DM, I have instituted comment moderation on this blog. DM, of course, was quick to discover this, and it seems to have upset him some.

Alonzo: We have orders to EXTERMINATE you and your entire family if continue to talk about GOD and RELIGION the way *you do*. do you got the msg, you stupid little fucker?
Well, the message speaks for itself. Okay, now, back to Copenhagen.


Matt M said...

The New Humanist blog had exactly the same problem, and are now trying out the Disqus comment system. Apparently it gives you greater control over blog comments.

Mikko said...

DM have been spamming his hate on other blogs

dbonfitto said...

Whack-a-loon comments are one thing, but that last one looks like an actual death threat.