Sunday, March 08, 2009

Luke Muehlhauser's Work on Desire Utilitarianism

One thing that I am particularly poor is as self-promotion

In fact, I am so poor at it, I probably do this site more harm than good. This is in spite of some efforts by others who have tried to help me. It is not that I do not appreciate their help. It is that I have doubts about what is worth promoting.

Well, one of the members of the studio audience has thought that the ideas in this blog are worth promoting and has done a fine job of it.

Luke Muehlhauser has produced a 2 minute trailer on this blog.

He has also created a free 43-page e-book on desire utilitarianism. At the same location you can also find an audio version of the same book. The audio file is less than 1 hour long.

Finally, Luke has produced an FAQ on desire utilitarianism built from this blog, my website, and other materials on the web. I was quite impressed with it. It is something that I should have done a long time ago.

Though I am in no way a co-author of this work, Luke did provide me with questions. In fact, some of the questions from the studio audience that I have answered in the past week came from Luke for the purpose of clarifying issues for the book or adding them to the FAQ.

It is a substantially accurate account of the theories that I have been presenting in this blog or elsewhere. They would be useful references for those who wish to understand desire utilitarianism or to explain it to others.


Luke said...

In the post you got my name right, but in the title you got it wrong. My name is:

Luke Muehlhauser

Piero said...

Congratulations to Luke. The one thing desire utilitarianism needs is exposure. I came to this blog almost by chance; Luke's hard work should change that a little.

Sabio Lantz said...

Luke, great job !
I still am suspect that "the greatest number" of anything -- desires, happiness, or offspring -- is somehow naturally superior to anything of less than majority. I have always been suspect of the majority. Can we base a whole moral system on a number?