Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Bigotry from Catholic League President Bill Donahue

Catholic League President Bill Donahue has once again proved that he either has no understanding of the moral crime of bigotry - though he professes to be the leader of an organization for "religious and civil rights" - or, while understanding this moral crime, has decided to profess bigotry.

In a new press release against PZ Myers, Myers to Desecrate Eucharist and Koran, Donahue said:

Much has been written about the moral vacuity that marks the Darwinian vision of society that Myers embraces.

A person engages in the moral crime of bigotry when he attempts to promote a general hostility against a whole group of people, either by making up some unfounded accusations against them or by extrapolating an offense by some subset of the group to cover the whole group.

This is clearly Donahue's intention with the statement quoted above, asserting a "moral vacuity that marks the Darwinian vision" as if all people who believe in evolution while denying the existence of God suffer from a lack of morality.

In other words, he is instructing his readers to "prejudge" all people who are not Catholics and, in doing so, to judge all of them to be morally inferior.

It is the very essence of bigotry and prejudice.

I discussed some other comments from Bill Donahue that showed these same moral failings in Donahue, Censorship, and Hate Speech


Todd Sayre said...

If Bill Donahue cares about this issue so much, why doesn't he just send PZ an unconsecrated wafer? A Catholic can't differentiate it from a consecrated one, so I should hardly think an atheist could. PZ would make a spectacle of live blogging dipping it in Cheez-Wiz then eating it and Bill Donahue could get a good night's sleep knowing the atheist's hunger for desecration had been safely sated.

At the rate this is escalating, PZ will soon announce that last week he bribed a priest to break into a wafer factory and consecrate 5 random wafers as they came off the assembly line. Sort of like the Golden Tickets, except the winning wafer lets you meet Jesus rather than Willy Wonka.

vjack said...

I just posted a link to this post on Atheist Nexus. I've created a new thread in the forums which members can use to report anti-atheist bigotry so that members can respond. I hope that this will provide us with a useful way to use our growing numbers effectively.