Thursday, March 15, 2007


Greetings, readers

I am taking the evening off to spend it with my wife. I haven't had a day off since Thanksgiving, and I think that one is due.

I invite you to look around a bit, browse, and . . . if you find something that you like . . . take it with you. I have a fair collection of anti-Gonzales articles on the shelves that might be of current interest. Of these, I favor. "The Capture and Internment of Former President Bush."

However, I now have nearly 550 postings sitting on the shelves on a number of topics. I am certain that you would find something that interests you.

Or, you can check out my book, listed over there on the right.

I wish for you a pleasant day, and I will see you here again tomorrow.

Alonzo Fyfe


Joe Otten said...

I guess that a widespread inclination to put one's wife's desires ahead of one's reader's desires, is probably more desire-fulfilling than desire-thwarting overall.

Anonymous said...

How many readers does it take to equal the moral weight of a wife?

Not that I'd argue that taking a day off is an evil act; yesterday's post was good enough to be worth two days!