Friday, October 01, 2010

Morality in the Real World: Episode 3

Luke Muehlhauser has uploaded another episode of the podcast, Morality in the Real World

Morality in the Real World 03: Alph and Betty on a Distant Planet

In this episode, we acttually start to talk about desirism.

The purpose of this series is to give a complete account of what desirism says. I had never actually tried to do that before, instead throwing out bits and pieces to see what people thought of them. In this podcast, we are actually starting from the ground up.

So, in this, the first of the podcasts on Desirism, we talked about desires as reasons for action and, specifically, of desires as reasons to act so as to change the desires of others.


Anonymous said...

Alonzo — in this episode, when discussing the desires of Alph and Betty, would we consider those desires "moral desires"? Would Alph and Betty consider those desires to be "moral desires"? Or would they be some other category of desires, outside the realm of "morality"?


A "Better" world, perhaps ye should just attempt a tiny bit Less Awful planet.

However, may random chance seem to favor your effort.

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