Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anti-Atheist Bigotry: A Call for Research

I have been thinking, recently, about the value of some experiments that would look at the effects of religious prejudice in various types of decision-making.

Create a folder about a person and fill it with relevant information for, for example, a political appointment, a parole hearing, an assessment for an award or grant, a military commendation, a grade for a school paper.

Take the same folder and alter a few basic facts, but leave the rest of the information exactly the same. Specifically, while the original folder mentions membership in and participation in various religious activities, the counterpart folder mentions membership in and participation in equivalent secular organizations.

Then, give these folders to evaluators and look at the results.

See what effect religious belief will have on the evaluations that people give different candidates.

For example, write up a senior paper for high school. Put it in a folder with the student's personal evaluation. In one case, the student is described as a President of the school's Bible Club. In the other, he is a member of the school's Atheist and Freethinkers' Club. Then, look at the grades the teachers give the students.

Or, better yet, write a report in which the students are being recommended for disciplinary action, and one is soliciting an impartial opinion on what level of punishment would be appropriate. In one folder, put a letter from a pastor testifying to the student’s character. In the other, put a comparable letter from the head of a local atheist organization.

Or, create a resume and job application for a candidate who is seeking a job. Give that resume and job application to some hiring managers and see if they will accept the candidate for an interview. Then, hand out a folder that is identical except the candidate’s religious affiliations are replace with atheist affiliations, and look at the results.

One study that I am particularly interested in would involve folders showing two candidates for state legislature or some other minor political office and ask people to read through the material and decide which candidate they would vote for. Then, create two folders identical to the original folder except one of the candidates is made to be an atheist. Everything else is the same.

This will allow somebody to say that he against a candidate for some reason other than his atheism. However, the research should tell how important atheism is as a matter of fact.

Again, the same types of studies can be set up for military review boards who are recommending soldiers for promotion or commendation, parole hearings, loan applications, anything where one person gets to sit in judgment of others, and look at what the results are.

I have my predictions as to what those studies will turn out. I predict that this research would show that being an "out" atheist puts one at greater risk of being denied jobs, promotions, bonuses, social recognition (such as awards), grants, political appointments, public office, a not-guilty verdict at a trial, a lighter sentence where punishment is judged appropriate, a favorable result at a parole hearing, an A on a high-school paper (though possibly not college).

I would like to see some empirical data on just how much bigotry exists against atheists in this country.


Luke said...

I suspect that if you chose atheist subjects and had them evaluate files (some of whom were made to be explicitly religious), you might very well see the same effect.

RichardBarnes said...

Luke is quite right, although I do not call myself "atheist" - a term only required of theists to refer to people such as me - there are many who consider me such. It is true, if given a set of candidates for a job with equal qualifications other than their theistic beliefs or non-theistic beliefs, I would choose the non-theist. This is because I truly hold to the supposition that the observational and thinking skills of a theist are somehow flawed or developmentally delayed. For any job or important position, observational and thinking skills are paramount. I do not believe it an unfair act to choose a non-theist over a theist assuming all other qualifications are equal. If, even with theistic belief, the theist's qualification outshines those of the non-theist, I would of course find it difficult not to award them the position, however, I would still be right in giving at least some benefit of doubt to the non-theist based on the fact their essential personality suggests greater potential.

This is all hypothetical and, like all hypotheticals, somewhat removed from real context - context, of course, being everything.

I will say this - simply because rationality - factual accuracy and logical consistency - is always to be preferred over irrationality, to discriminate against the theist for being a theist at least has the good potential of a reasonable argument to support its position.
I don't believe those who discriminate against non-theists for being non-theists can rightly or necessarily say the same.

Regardless of an individual's qualifications - perhaps think Barack Obama - there is still much to be said against their competence for holding such irrational theistic beliefs.

vjack said...

The methodology you describe is fairly common in social science research. I am positive that countless studies of this variety have been conducted in which race and/or gender are varied. I would be somewhat surprised if nobody has done it with religion, but if not, you are right that this type of research would be valuable.

anton said...

Decisions to hire an ivy-league educated WASP Christian of white skin is "defensible". Few personnel managers go out on a career limb by recommending employment of someone who is "different". Atheists usually are successful because they do not make religious beliefs an issue and in all other ways, appear to be just like the next guy. The comfort zone enjoyed by the majority of atheists has been around for thousands of years. That fact alone is perhaps the strongest reason why Atheists avoid creating a "social" organization of their own -- their neighbours, friends, co-workers, or kids might spill the beans.

Judy Weismonger said...

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Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Atheists are the bigots. Atheist are a hate group. you don't care about facts and you don't want data. When you are given data you laugh at it, ignore, dismiss, insult, ridicule. That's all atheism is a gang of Brown shirts roaming the streets looking for Jews to beat up. Only now it's roaming message boards looking for Christians not physiologically abuse. You are bullies, you are thugs you are not thinkers.

Eneasz said...

JL - thank you for revealing to me the error of my ways. I have been convinced by your diatribe, and will now recant my atheism and accept your god (I'm assuming Jesus? Please correct me if I'm wrong, I wouldn't want to accidentally be worshipping the wrong god) as my personal savior.